Dr. James E. Hansen Testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee

James Hansen

Dr. James Hansen testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline. /Martin Hedberg

Ocean Acidification 2

Ocean Acidification

Here is another short and descriptive video about ocean acidification.   /Martin Hedberg

Naomi Oreskes on Climate Change Skeptics

Naomi Oreskes

A long, but equally informative, video where Naomi Oreskes describes the history of climate science and the industry of denialism. This is a presentation from march 2010 based off of Oreskes book, ”Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscure the Truth about Climate Change”. /Martin Hedberg

Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification

A short video about the basics of ocean acidification.  /Martin Hedberg

James Hansen on climate change

James Hansen

James Hansen interviewed by The Economist. Interesting conclusion that the Conservatives should be the ones in the fore-front of mitigating climate change. Because if humanity don’t act soon, the government will have to take over more of our lives. Governments are the only ones strong enough to deal with all the problems we are facing if we don’t mitigate climate change -and that for sure is something the Conservatives don’t like. /Martin Hedberg

Climate Change Causes Insurers to Rethink Price of Risk

Andy Castaldi

Super storm Sandy forces insurer to rethink risk. Climate change is the new normal. But the insurance industry looks at historical data, old and new, in order to assess the risk for potential disasters and put a price on premiums. When climate is changing, the old data is… -old. And that turmes the analys from that data into something that does not represent reality. This has implications for risk, economy and ultimately well fare and lives. As the insurance industry realizes the new risks and probable events, the public may find it…