After Anthropocene, The Runacene?

Massive blue ground ice exposure on the north shore of Herschel Island, Yukon, Canada.

What do we call next climate epoch, the one after the Anthropocene? The one where feedbacks in the climate system outperform our capacity to mitigate climate change. The Runaway-feedback-someting-cene? The Runacene?The epoch we live in today, the Anthropocene, is characterised by human interaction on a scale that profoundly alters climate and life on earth. As … Read more

Det brinner i bastun

Ännu en rekordvarm månad. Och vi reagerar som om vi vore förvånade. Men hallå! Är det någon som på riktigt tror att temperaturen kommer att falla, eller ens plana ut!? Bastuaggregatet har fattat eld, dörren är låst och vi tittar med förvåning på termometern. Strömbrytaren sitter på väggen, men snart är det för varmt för … Read more

Will Steffen. Anthropocene, Great acceleration and Feedbacks

This weeks episode is an interview with Will Steffen. He an Australian Earth system scientist and he knows a lot about things like the biosphere, glacial cycles, ocean acidification, fossil industry, geo-engineering, complex system, feedbacks, resilience and tipping points. One of the stories Steffen will share with you is the situation when Nobel prize winner Paul … Read more

Sarah Cornell about The Anthropocene

A conversation with Sarah Cornell, a scientist and researcher at SRC, Stockholm Resilience Centre, about The Anthropocene, ecosystems, feedbacks (both in nature and in models), Planetary Boundaries, the SDGs, dinosaurs and what it takes to create major shifts on this planet. Sarah Cornell is the Coordinator of the Planetary Boundaries research laboratory and the co-convenor of the international … Read more

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