Martin Hedberg’s lecture for Klimatsvaret, Citizens Climate Lobby Sweden

This episode differs somewhat from the others, as it is mainly in Swedish. It’s a recording of a talk I had for Klimatsvaret, the Swedish branch of Citizens Climate Lobby.

The talk was about Planetary radiation budget, our dependence upon the biosphere and moral in the form of equality and justice. But also briefly about Complex adaptive systems, innovations, leverage points, responsibility and feedbacks making systems resilient, or making them collapse.

I conclude that we need more of storytelling, and we need to move from ”I have…”, to ”WE have…” or ”WE can…”., That is being more inclusive and transform not only individuals or some companies, but whole societies.

After the recorded talk I give a brief introduction to CCL, Citizens Climate Lobby, how they work and their goal with the method Carbon Fee and Dividend.

If you want to know more about them please visit and the Swedish branch

Feel no despair if you can’t follow my Swedish in this episode, the next will be in english.


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