Kevin Anderson: We can succeed, but humanity is about to choose to fail

In this episode we meet Kevin Anderson, professor of Climate and Energy at the University of Manchester. Kevin talks about the widespread illusion that we can mitigate climate change within business as usual, small steps and some future technology. Instead the understanding that we have a carbon budget forces us to reduce the emissions of … Läs mer

James Hansen on Nuclear, Fossil and Renewable Energy

Jame Hansen on Nuclear energy

James Hansen, most known for his engagement in climate science, gives his take on how to replace the fossil energy. In this video he gives a brief overview, but the main topic is nuclear energy. Some remarks and comments: – Many countries show by example how renewables can supply demand (Germany, Denmark, Scotland etc), thus it is unclear when … Läs mer

Bill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero!

Bill Gates

Bill gates is mostly known for two things: Microsoft and funding of health care.

Here, on this TED-talk, he takes on the great task och climate change and energy.

/Martin Hedberg

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