After Anthropocene, The Runacene?

Massive blue ground ice exposure on the north shore of Herschel Island, Yukon, Canada.

What do we call next climate epoch, the one after the Anthropocene? The one where feedbacks in the climate system outperform our capacity to mitigate climate change. The Runaway-feedback-someting-cene? The Runacene?The epoch we live in today, the Anthropocene, is characterised by human interaction on a scale that profoundly alters climate and life on earth. As … Läs mer


First I thought I’d write about some interesting material on methane bubbling out of the sea bed. But that is just second best. 1. Best is Letterman putting it all together in a few minutes. We don’t need as many intelligent scientists as we need program leaders getting it. And he got it even before … Läs mer

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