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Quick fix to solve climate change

Are you tired of all the smart things you are asked to do to stop climate from changing? Do you have a feeling that there is a quick fix even thou everybody keeps telling you that there are a million thing to do and that no single solution can prevent global warming

There is a quick fix.

Or put it this way, if humanity fails in doing this thing, we will not be able to solve the climate crisis. No matter how many low energy light bulbs you use, no matter how much renewable energy we produce.

The quick fix is as follows: Let the fossil carbon stay in the ground.

As long as anybody digs up coal, gas or oil, somebody else will use it. (If nobody is to use it, my advice is not to spend money on digging it up.) And if somebody uses it, eventually greenhouse gases will end up in the atmosphere. And in the atmosphere there already is more greenhouse gases than can be considered as safe regarding consequences upon ecosystems and societies.

So, a necessary, but not sufficient, condition on order to deal with climate change is to let the carbon stay in the ground.

Companies addressing the problem

Now we see an emerging number of global companies who are addressing climate change in a quite proper way. I understand that they really want to make a difference and take on some responsible actions, see for instance GE Power of Wind.

GE Model Miners is another example, however not so funny.

This is of course quite a step forward from deniers like CEI.org (video).

Humankind is getting closer, but we are still far from real action. CEI addresses facts in wrong way, GE is getting closer to truth, but what really makes a difference in mitigating climate change is stop adding greenhouse gases, i.e. stop digging up coal, gas and oil, from the ground.

Everything else is just business. As usual.