If Beyond One Degree is the answer… What is the question?

Imagine yourself on a boat. There are lots of people. For the most they care about clean air, justice, their neighbours, friends, work tasks, leisure, gossip and all the other parts that makes the trip worth living. They both listen and argue when someone shares a good story, some bold ideas or their personal belief.

Among them there are scientists, entrepreneurs, writers, engineers, navigator, policymakers and leaders who work in the field of sustainability, resilience and systems thinking. They try to figure out how the boat works, it’s weakness and strengths, how to avoid storms and enjoy the necessities of life. They also realised there is no captain at the helm. There actually no single rudder or engine, nor a distinct border between what is the boat and not. Everything changes, interacts, learns and develops. And everyone is part of it.

Let’s assume you wanted to help them share what they so far has understood. What would you do?That’s the question preceding the answer ”Beyond One Degree”.

Beyond One Degree. It is a transition, site, blog and podcast about our world in change and the search for adaptation, mitigation, resilience and sustainability. We cast with scenarios, science and storytelling.

Earth is complex and constantly changing. It resembles itself but never repeats, especially not when moving into uncharted territory. We are one degree above pre-industrial average global temperature. Facing climate change the size of ice-ages, but in other directions. And there are more system changing. Humans are the driving force.

What to do and how to stay sane grasping global and local changes, transitions, sustainability, cooperation, resilience and complexity? Conversations with scientists, policy makers, entrepreneurs, activists, artists and philosophers with knowledge, insights and commitment.

We have entered the Anthropocene. But no single intellect, nor humanity collectively, are in control. We are all pushing and bound to follow along. We share stories that engage and help you remember the future. Adapt and take action to the world and life we live. Beyond One Degree.

Martin Hedberg, meteorologist, climate expert and keynote speaker, produces the site and podcast.