Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement

Rob Hopkins tells us the story of how the Transition movement started and how he uses stories and innovations to paint possibilities and reposition the way we see ourselves in relation to nature and the future. Rob has created the world-wide network of positive engagement he imagined to himself a more than a decade ago. … Läs mer

Will Steffen. Anthropocene, Great acceleration and Feedbacks

This weeks episode is an interview with Will Steffen. He an Australian Earth system scientist and he knows a lot about things like the biosphere, glacial cycles, ocean acidification, fossil industry, geo-engineering, complex system, feedbacks, resilience and tipping points. One of the stories Steffen will share with you is the situation when Nobel prize winner Paul … Läs mer

Risk and Resilience

Risk and resilience

Interesting video on risk and resilience. As the author says ”Moving from a system designed for robustness to one that supports resilience represents a significant strategic shift.” 

Dealing with black swans, moving from a Gaussian world to a Pareto world. Moving from probable events via possible to plausible events.

/Martin Hedberg

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