Greta starts sailing

Malizia II in Plymouth, August 14, 2019

At 1500 GMT today (17:00 CET) Greta Thunberg, Boris Herrmann (skipper), Pierre Casiraghi (founder of Team Malizia), Svante Thunberg (Gretas father) and Nathan Grossman (filmmaker) will start their journey to sail from Plymouth to New York. When you sail, the weather and ocean conditions are interesting, and very dynamic, conditions and boundaries. It is like … Läs mer

Enjoy your Atlantic journey Greta!

Greta Thunberg with her father Svante Thunberg and Richard Brisius, The Ocean Race

Today you will set sail to cross the Atlantic. From Plymouth, England to New York, USA. When you last year started talking about sailing to the UN meeting in USA, you primarily viewed it as a sustainable transport. To do what most other people would have done, arguing that you had an important mission and … Läs mer

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